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Livelihood Development

Majority children with disabilities are living under poverty. Parents of these children have limited facilities to spend extra money for their education, medical and other specific purposes. They have been undergoing financial hardship to meet the daily expenses of their family and children. Children with impairments hardly get opportunities to upgrade their formal education, extra-curricular and recreational activities. They mostly limit their life within the domestic/ home environment while the family concentrates more on other able children. Establishing the family economic status to a sound level is having direct impact on the children’s education and their well-beings.

Human Link focuses to implement programs which emphasis to enhance family livelihood of children and adults with disabilities. This includes getting contribution from all family members towards a common economic activity [that brings out development in their primary economic operation]. In addition, the family encourages and giving opportunity to the differently abled person to take some part in the income generating activities.

Human Link welcome organizations to join our campaigns to further establish this portfolio which will bring out economically active persons with disabilities.

Reach out Mr.Roshan Kamardeen for more details on +94-764617050 or roshan@humanlink.lk