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Every human being is relying on another to fulfill their daily routines. When economically active population seeks support from another person to campaign and succeed in their activities [education, occupation, social, economic, political, environmental and so on], this has become a herculean task for economically inactive population. They are vulnerable and highly dependent. They do require strong helping hand to get out from internal and external hurdles. Human Link was established by the grace of Almighty Allah [swt] to address and facilitate some of these hurdles.  

Every differently abled child born in a poor/ developing land has been granted limited/few opportunities to identify, prioritize, develop, sustain the knowledge and vocational skills during their childhood. As a result, they fail to become an independent and self-reliant individual in their domestic environment. A clear vision was established in 2007 to give a firm helping hand to motivate, bring them to the light of the world, identify their minor skills, develop to sustain, and continuous medical follow up with greater care.      

Irrespective of any ethnic background, socio & economic classes and racial differences, I welcome all the needy children & adults with disabilities and respective stakeholders to take part in our [Human Link] unique campaigns.  

May Allah [swt] accept and guide us in the right path. Aameen!

Roshan Kamardeen
Founder & President