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Vocational Training

Peoples with various impairments are often unable to complete official or formal Vocational Education and Training programmes in the so-called Technical Collages, Vocational Training Centers and other related state and non-state institutions. They are restricted to participating in tailor-made Vocational Education and Training courses, which unfortunately do not grant the student any official certification of their gained qualification.

Human Link seeks address and solve this barrier by offering a new model of recognition of a learning to ease the access, especially for disadvantaged learners. Getting recognition for any tailor-made Vocational Education and Training programmes gives value to the learned qualification parts, transparently showing the trainee’s learning outcome, and supports these learners to enter labour market.

Human Link has its Vocational Training Center situated in Kalmunai and already got engaged in vocational skill development programmes. They were paper production [Exercise, CR & note books and envelops], cloth painting, and cutting & sewing dresses.

Futuristic courses were identified in the fields of Hospitality Management, Computer & Mobile Repairing, Fashion & Technology, Computer Applications, and Electrical – Plumbing – Carpentry Installations. We seek to tie up with partners in order to establish our VTC unit to provide these customized courses that give employable skills to the person with disabilities. Permanent employments/ fixed contracts to person with disabilities would lead them to live as independent and self-reliant individuals in their society they represent.

Reach us through +94-771397114 & vtc@humanlink.lk for more details.